The brand

Although the Legion Run brand was born just a few years ago we are quickly growing in the number of events and the number of participants per event.   

We are a team of highly motivated, fun loving risk takers that vary in age, culture, gender, taste and backgrounds. We are just like each one of you. And that’s what makes our events so amazing. We create things that scare us, challenge us, are fun for us and make us work as a team.

Our obstacles are designed to test your mind and body. Each one of them is designed with great attention to detail in order to provide the ultimate challenge and fun without compromising on safety. We are probably one of very few in this industry which have obstacles civil engineered, blueprinted and built by licensed contractors.

The event

Legion Run is far more than a run, it’s an experience of a lifetime. We promise a thrilling, dirty, fun adventure that will give you and your friends an adrenaline buzz for days, weeks, even years. Each part of the course will challenge your body and mind and will require some teamwork.

You will run, jump, crawl, sprint and swing and help others do so. You will play in the mud like a kid and cross the finish along with thousands of others! You will get scrapes, you will get bruises, but you will be smiling. And you will finish changed.


For just five years, Legion Run has become the largest obstacle run in South – East Europe, and has organized over 40 successful events in France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia and Cyprus. Thousands have joined the Legion!

In 2019, Legion Run will continue its presence in familiar locations, but is also expanding to new markets like Middle East, China and Southeast Asia. Maybe your country will be next?

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