27 Apr 2016

We’ve said it many times: Legion Run is not a race, it’s a personal challenge. You enter it with the firm intent of finishing, and finishing as a better version of yourself. This season we promise you less running and more obstacles that are both physically and mentally demanding. Being fit is not a must to cross the finish line but it is indeed an invaluable asset. This is why we are introducing three great trainers who will help you maintain your motivation and get into a better shape. Just pick the one that fits your training level best.


Training level: Beginner
Bio: Anna is a certified trainer, restorative execise specialist and a co-owner of Movelicious studio. She is certain that you don’t need to spend hours of your life at the gym to be fit, so she developed a unique combination of exercises that uses the body’s natural movements to improve health and well-being.
Accomplishments: Anna has an impressive academic record in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and the USA. In 2009, she was honored with Central European Diabetes Association's “Young Scientist” award.

Training level: Intermediate
BioBilyana is a personal fitness coach and a fitness model. Her participation in Legion Run Sofia 2015 was a memorable one - resembling Lara Croft, she literally turned the course into a video game, hitting an obstacle after another.
Accomplishments: Competitive by nature, throughout the past couple of years Bilyana has crushed a number of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness championships, the Arnold Classic Europe expo, the "Fort Lauderdale cup" in the USA, and many more. Impressive, isn’t it?

Training level: Advanced
Bio: Radoslav is a CrossFit practitioner, certified H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) trainer, a fitness coach at Battle Ground Sevlievo and a member of Sports Club 13. We met him at Legion Run Sofia last summer – he won our hearts with his huge smile and the helping hand he extended to dozens of mud run enthusiasts on their way to the final.
Accomplishments: Radoslav finished 2nd at the CrossFit DREAM GAMES in 2014 and 3rd at the CrossFire Open Air Battle in 2015.

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