20 May 2016



“I don’t care who started it!”
“Don’t play with your food!”
“As long as you are under my roof…”

You’ve heard those phrases many times, haven’t you? All those momisms, designed to protect you, teach you responsibility and serve as external common sense during the wildest days of your childhood.
But, hey, you are an adult now – it’s your rules! Today we challenge you to break the status quo and be a rebel for a day. Not only you won’t get grounded, you’ll also have a hell of a fun day out!
“Mom Says No”, our latest advertising campaign, comes to remind you how exciting it is to play outside, get dirty, jump in muddy puddles. To take risks and be rewarded by winning a challenge against yourself. It was your mom that was the obstacle back then. As an adult, you face another challenge: your inner fear of putting your physical and mental strength to the test.
This season we invite you to relive your craziest childhood moments. To get wet, get dirty and be an irresponsible adult for a day. This is exactly what you get when you participate in Legion Run – the opportunity play and share the thrill with thousands of other grown-ups.
“Mom Says No” wakes up the forgotten sense of mischief, adventure and play. It urges us to leave our comfort zone and be as brave as children, discovering the world around.
Your mom would have probably said “No!”. But now it’s up to you to say “Why not?” and plan your next epic adventure.