30 Oct 2015

You’ve scanned our website, YouTube and Facebook but you are still wondering how your Legion Run is going to play out? We are here to help.


Massive waves. Groups of 200-250 people start every 15 minutes. In fact we once had a team of 228 taking off at once. Be sure to show up at least one hour before your scheduled wave time. You will need time to park, check in and warm up. You may be hanging around for a while but this is an opportunity to pick your line, develop a strategy and psyche yourself up. Fear of heights? Claustrophobic? Don’t like getting dirty? Get your head right and leave that shit in the parking lot! YOU ARE LEGION!

A challenging course. Yep, it’s challenging but it is designed for the 95-99% of us mere mortals. It’s typically about 1km run up to the first obstacle and about 300m between the obstacles. Then again, there is nothing typical about Legion Run. The average finish time is 1,5 hour. However consider that the group goes as fast as its slowest member.

To help and be helped. If you see an outstretched hand asking for or offering help, grab it! Legion Run is an awesome place to work on your karma.

Facilities. Yes, there will be showers, portable toilets, a gear check area and several water stations on site.

To relive some of the happiest moments from your childhood. Expect to RUN, JUMP, CLIMB, CRAWL, GET DIRTY, SPRINT, SWING, PLAY AND HAVE FUN!!



5-star facilities. Most likely you will be showering with a garden hose equipped with a sprayer. Additionally porta potties are not strung out across the length of the course. Do like your momma told you and go before you head out.

Pristine water at the obstacles. You will be going through muddy water-filled trenches. Do not drink this stuff. It isn’t treated water and most probably numerous participants have dragged their sweaty bodies through prior to you getting there.

Paved and painted parking lot. This is an event site, not a domed stadium. Most likely you will park in a field. Leave the Ferrari at home.

Someone to look after your stuff. Sure, we do have a lost and found but if your Ray Bans came off in a trench… just accept it… they are gone.

A personal Legion Run photographer. Do not expect us to take your pictures from the run! That’s what your friends and family are for. Spectators enter for free so no excuses – bring them along. Good times! WOOHOO!