10 Nov 2015

A few clothing tips to make your awesome day even more awesome.

No cotton! Тhe first rule. Rule number 1. Numero uno. But it’s so soft, and it’s fair trade and organic. Ah…yeah.  It also holds 95% of its weight in water and is going to feel like a wet blanket hanging off your neck. The khaki Gap shorts with all those cool pockets that make you look like Captain Safari are going to turn into a 10lb weight hanging off your waist. Underwear? See rule number 1. Same for the tube socks your granny bought you at Christmas.

Choose wicking or synthetic fabrics that don’t hold water. Most running gear falls into this category. Focus on a snug fit. It prevents you from getting caught up on obstacles and lowers your risk of getting snagged. A good option is what’s known as compression clothing. It’s typically worn under other gear or equipment and snug – to prevent mud, twigs and grass from going where it shouldn’t. Besides, it’s moisture wicking, comfortable and light.

Consider the temperature. Even if it’s warm, there may be periods of time that you are standing, soaking wet, at an obstacle. True enough you’ll be busting your ass and working up a sweat but if you are prone to getting chilly, you might want to consider an extra layer.

Obvious but overlooked tip. Bring an appropriate change of clothes. Unless you came on your tractor, you will need to change your clothes…and shoes. This is best done after taking a shower. Yep, bring a towel too.

Super duper bonus tip! Bring a couple of garbage bags to put all your sweaty, muddy, wet clothes into. Double bag it to prevent leakage.

Wait, we are not done yet. Coming soon: more tips on what to wear in WHAT TO WEAR ON EVENT DAY. PART 2: FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES.