17 Nov 2015

Obstacle runs are the latest, hottest trend in the team building industry and for a good reason. They result in bonding and leadership built through action outside the boardroom. Teams band together to get through the course and make it across the finish line. Emotions at the finish line are raw and, because of this, unforgettable. 
Daria Topalova, HR Manager at Playtech Bulgaria, tells how it feels to be part of Legion Run and conquer challenging obstacles together with the co-workers.

360° Magazine: You’ve accepted the Legion Run challenge along with 13 of your colleagues. Did you have some training sessions before the event? How did you motivate yourselves?
Daria: In the week preceding the event we couldn’t stop sharing jokes, articles and pictures from past Legion Run editions. It’s cool that the weekend before we also had the opportunity to work out a bit harder.

360° Magazine: Did you manage to conquer all the obstacles?
Daria: Personally, I skipped one for health reasons.

360° Magazine: Which obstacle did you enjoy the most?
Daria: Climbing up the cargo net through the waterfall. Definitely!

360° Magazine: And which obstacle was the most intimidating one?
Daria: Colossus – the 7.5m high ramp. You need to speed up and climb to the top. It was the only obstacle I skipped because of an old knee trauma.

360° Magazine: Which obstacles required the most teamwork?
Daria: In fact most of the obstacles presented an opportunity to help your teammates. Plus we supported each other morally all the way through!

360° Magazine: Do you think you could have conquered all the obstacles by yourself?
Daria: One thing is sure – without my teammates it would have never been so much fun. As for making it on my own, I could only guess…

360° Magazine: What was the funniest moment?
Daria: In fact we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces all the time. My teammates were amazing and we had a great fun during the whole run.

360° Magazine: What’s the aftermath – a few bruises, scratches and big smiles?
Daria: Back in the office we talked and laughed about it for days! We made some great memories together. Regarding the bruises – well, I hid them as it doesn’t look very feminine.

360° Magazine: Did going through all these obstacles together made you better colleagues?
Daria: Absolutely! It feels that the team spirit is now even stronger!

360° Magazine: Planning to do the Legion Run again next year?
Daria: Count me in!

360° Magazine: What would you like to see more in next year’s event?
Daria: Water, water and more water. As I said, the climbing up through the waterfall was amazing!

This interview was originally published in 360° Magazine.