27 Nov 2015

You’ve nailed the ultimate apparel for your run and you are ready to rock. Wait! What about footwear and accessories? Read further.



Dedicated obstacle course shoes. Your best bet is by the likes of Inov-8, Salomon or Reebok. They are durable and relatively light, have an aggressive sole and drain well.

Trail running shoes. The next best thing. Aggressive tread, light, durable but drainage isn’t really a feature.

Your old tennis shoes. Not recommended. Sure, we have to admit that your shoes will never be the same after the run but the lack of tread and support is going to be a burden.

Work boots. Hiking boots. Nope. Work boots might make you look butch and offer great support, but they are heavy and inflexible. Hiking boots? See the previous sentence. Lastly….minimalist shoes. C’mon…really? You want to save 30g of weight? Grow up!


Headbands and bandanas. Great for preventing sweat and hair from going in your eyes. Just don’t wear your limited edition Bon Jovi bandana you bought on eBay. There is a good chance its final resting place will be at the bottom of a muddy pit.

Gloves. Not a must, but they can provide a little more grip when your hands are wet, as well as another layer of added protection. With that in mind, try and get tight fitting, neoprene gloves. Leather and cotton ain’t gonna cut it. Check out the gardening aisle at the hardware shop. Some people find gloves a hindrance. Figure it out before event day.

Knee and elbow pads. Again, go for neoprene. Don’t use your volleyball knee pads from high school despite all their cottony goodness. How about the cool set of pads that you bought with your rollerblades or your kid’s skateboard stuff? Leave it at home. Once the Velcro gets wet and muddy and full of crap, it’s going to keep coming undone and becomes a nuisance.

Your precious stuff. Check it! Or leave it in the car. Hats, sunglasses, jewellery, valuables, GoPro, wallet, car keys, iPhone etc. Hey, we are all for tech, POV and looking cool but if that’s what you want to wear, ask yourself how you’re going to feel if it’s lost….forever.  The trenches are filled back in, pits are covered over and disassembly crews start immediately after the run. There will not be enough personnel or time to find your lucky rabbit’s foot and who knows, in a thousand years some archaeologist might find your Prada sunglasses.