17 Dec 2015



Mila Minkova, Corporate Communication Adviser at Vivacom on the participation of her corporate team in Legion Run Sofia 2015.  

What was your motivation to sign up with your colleagues for Legion Run?

Vivacom team had been awaiting the second edition of Legion Run Sofia for almost a year. After the first event in Bulgaria in 2014, the word spread really fast and we were eager to experience it on our own. What attracted us the most was the feeling of unity, togetherness and the team spirit Legion Run evokes!

Were all the team members sports enthusiasts?

Not really. Sure, training and preparation help, but regular gym visits and simply being fit should be enough. In fact, Legion Run is more of a team challenge. When the team is united as our team was, any obstacle can be completed.

What makes Legion Run a good match for a team building?

Legion Run boosts incredibly the team spirit. It raises motivation and builds trust among the participants. You simply cannot compete the obstacles by yourself, unless you are a professional athlete or you’ve trained for a couple of years.

Which obstacle required the most teamwork?

Colossus was our favorite. Vivacom branded this obstacle on purpose – it was the one that required the most teamwork! You really need to focus and to trust the person at the other end!  

What was the feeling at the finish?

Limitless adrenaline running through your veins. And that priceless “We did it!” feeling!

What was the impact of the Legion Run experience on your team? Can you say that you got to know each other better?

For sure we got to know each other better. We made some new friends and now we even go out together for drinks more often.

Would you take part in the next edition of Legion Run and why?

Yes! The Vivacom legion is ready for Legion Run 3. See you there!

Obstacle course running participants Sofia