Romania 2018

16 de junio de 2018



Extra offers for Divertiland

  • Basic69lei/per person  - acces to all the attractions from Divertiland
  • Gold: 90 lei/per person - showers acces + lockers with key + acces to all the attraction from Divertiland

* Prior to buying your ticket, take time to read our terms and conditions.



  • An adventure you will never forget
  • A few scrapes, bruises and mud in places it shouldn't be
  • Genuine Pride
  • A free Beer at the Finish
  • An exclusive "I AM LEGION" shirt that only participants get


Parking will be FREE. Please, group with your friends and come early enough.

There is a designated bag check area where you can drop your bag at the price of 2 Euro per bag.

Terms and Conditions

Prior to signing up for a Legion Run event, please take a moment to review our Terms & Conditions. Whether you registered yourself or were registered by someone else, if you participate, we consider you have accepted the full terms and agreed to those terms by signing your ticket and presenting it at the check-in.


A LEGION (Wave) of 175 people starts every 20 minutes beginning at 10:00am. Be sure to arrive at least one hour before your start time. Allow yourself enough time to park, check in and warm up. Please be at the starting line at least 10 minutes prior start time.

Legion Start times: 10:00 ; 10:20; 10:40 : 11:00 ; 11:20 ; 11:40 ; 12:00 ;

Unavaible waves: 12:20 ; 12:40 ; 13:00 ; 13:20 ; 13:40 ; 14:00 ; 14:20 ; 14:40 ; 15:00 ; 15:20 ; 15:40 ; 16:00


Not running, but want to see what it’s all about? Wanna show support to your friends and have a good laugh on their behalf? Join us, it’s free! We are among the few in the industry that allow spectators to follow the participants along the course and take pictures. So make sure to take plenty of epic pictures of your muddy friends.



Here you can view the event regulations.


DIVERTILAND WATERPARK ( Strada Divertismentului, nr. 1,Autostrada Bucuresti-PitestiKm 13, Chiajna, Ilfov, Romania )


                                        If you want to become our partner and see you logo here, please get in touch at or by phone +40 733 812 686