Watch this Inspiring One-Legged Man Complete 21 Obstacles in Legion Run

02 Nov 2019

Aris Gidaris lost his leg in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, but the incident only made him stronger as he set out to improve his fitness skill and overcome new challenges. His latest fear is completing 21 obstacles at the popular Legion Run event which is held across Europe.



With his inspiring performance, Aris has joined the league of Legion Run’s heroes and has become a source of inspiration for anyone struggling to perform beyond the mental constraints placed on the physical body. 




With the support of his friends and family, Aris completed all 21 Legion Run obstacles without giving up - watch the highlights in the video below.


Legion Run is one of the most popular obstacle course runs in Eastern Europe, inviting participants to overcome mud, fire, ice, barbed wires and more in a team-oriented setting. 


Completing the Legion Run, Aris has proved that “if you believe, you can achieve”. T


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