Legion Run is Helping Thousands Across Europe Challenge their Physical and Mental Limits

08 Nov 2019

Legion Run is a popular group sports event for people of all ages, builds and fitness levels. The first event took place in Cyprus in 2014 and in just five years it has managed to impact lives in countries around the world, including Italy, France, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Greece.


Participants in Legion Run are not competing against others, but challenging their own physical and mental limits to achieve what they considered impossible. It’s a team-oriented race across a 5KM field with over 20 obstacles comprising mud, fire, ice and barbed wire where everyone will make it to the finish line.   


Below are some highlights from recent Legion Run events.

Legion Run Kyiv 2019


The most recent event took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. On August 31 over 5,000 people gathered on the picturesque Trukhaniv Island, located on the Dnieper River. Over 2,500 legionnaires challenged themselves with our course of obstacles. Notably, Kyiv’s mayor Vitaly Klitschko also participated in the event.


Around 150 veteran Ukrainian soldiers from the ATO took part in the run for the second time, and one of them set an amazing example by completing the course on only one leg, with the support of his friends.


Similarly, Slava Kulakovskyi gave another inspiring performance, completing the entire obstacle course with only one hand, and finished even the COLOSSUS, a 7-meter high-ramp which is among the most challenging obstacles on our course.

I CAN TOO Legion Run, Bulgaria 2019


On July 6, 2019, Legion Run came to the Bulgarian capital, joining hands with the I CAN TOO foundation. With over 5,000 runners participating in the challenge, the run became the largest sports event in Bulgaria this year. By purchasing a special donation ticket, the participants donated to the fund which focuses on helping children with special needs. 


Moreover, Bulgarian legionnaires had a chance to run along with an Olympic legend of Bulgaria, Yordan Yovchev. Legion Run doubled all donations made by the participants and collected over 2,000 EUR for I CAN TOO initiative. 

Legion Run Thessaloniki Greece 2019


On June 16, Legion Run returned to the motherland of the Olympic Games. Greece is always exciting due to the charged atmosphere. The event took place in Thermal Spring Resort in Loutra and gathered a lot of attention, both in Greece and abroad. This run was particularly special, as it proved that everyone can do what they put their mind to. Aris Gidaris, a man who lost one leg in a severe motorcycle accident joined the run and completed all 21 obstacles. He is the Legion Hero and the living example for all of us.

Legion Run in Rome 2019


This was the fourth Italian edition of Legion Run with over 2,000 legionnaires coming to the Horse Club Lancieri in Montebello on May 25. The teams had to make headway through mud, ice, and water. The event was covered by Sky Sport, a leading Italian TV channel.

Legion Run Cyprus 2019


Legion Run opened debuted 2019 with the Cyprus event on April 13. Thousands of legionnaires came to Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center in Limassol to run, jump, crawl and conquer.  Moreover, this time kids could also have their share of fun.


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